Sun 07/11/10

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Crowned with Laurels

In 2002, when they were still known under the name Liber Unusualis, they were the convincing winners of the International Young Artists’ Presentation. Today they are back in Antwerp as a mature ensemble. Ensemble Liber elaborated a project around 14th-century music on texts by Francesco Petrarca, Giovanni Boccacco, Franco Sachetti and their French contemporaries. This ode to the fathers of humanism samples songs by Jacopo da Bologna, Niccolo da Perugia, Guillaume de Machault, Gilles Binchois and the poet-composer Francesco Landini, who was honoured with a laurel crown by king Peter of Cyprus. Crowned with Laurels earned the Noah Greenberg Award of the American Musicological Society for outstanding contributions to historically informed performance practice. A CD recording is in the works, but AMUZ offers you already the inside scoop of the live performance!

Andrew Rader, countertenor | Carrie Henneman Shaw, soprano | William Hudson, tenor | Sumner Thompson, bariton

Niccolò da Perugia, Gilles Binchois, Guillaume de Machaut a.o.