01/02 15:00
Artist in residence Andreas Staier brings along a top-notch violinist to Antwerp.
08/02 15:00
AMUZ, HERMESensemble and De Veerman undertake a joint venture concerning the question: how does the future sound?
12/02 21:00
The female singers of Trio Mediaeval reclaim their Scandinavian roots with an enthralling range of Norwegian folk songs. The poignant sounds of these folk songs make you drift into another world.
13/02 21:00
Playful, innovative and with an endearing spontaneity: the concerts of the Barokksolistene are a distinctive experience in its own right.
14/02 21:00
In 1814 Norway, until then a Danish province, became part of Sweden. The Norwegians took advantage of the opportunity to proclaim a constitution of their own and to demand more self-
15/02 10:30
The violinist Ole Bull (1810-1880) was Norway's first superstar.
15/02 12:00
The Spring Festival inPRIMETIME is devoted to Norway in 2015. On the final day of the festival AMUZ serves a typisk Norsk koldtbord!
15/02 15:00
In between his numerous concert tours in Europe Edvard Grieg enjoyed the peace of his villa Troldhaugen, near Bergen.
22/02 11:30
On six Sundays during the season 14|15 AMUZ serves a lush brunch at its unique foyer.
22/02 15:00
AMUZ forges an alliance between the young outstanding tenor Reinoud van Mechelen, who despite his name hails from Louvain, and the French ensemble L'Escadron Volant de la Reine for a concert