19/12 21:00
Alexei Lubimov's musical curiosity is insatiable and his repertoire immense.
20/12 21:00
The birth of Jesus is the most popular page of the Gospel that concurrently appeals most to the imagination.
21/12 11:30
Enjoy a convivial Christmas brunch at AMUZ! This festive afternoon will be added lustre to by soprano Noémi Schellens and guitarist Maarten Vandenbemden.
09/01 21:00
Händel was acclaimed as an outstanding organist at an early age already. Throughout his career his virtuosity exerted a tremendous pull on the public.
14/01 21:00
Three women sing traditional devotional music from their own cultural background. Italian soprano Patrizia Bovi will draw from the repertoire of the Christian Middle Ages.
16/01 21:00
Latvia is the epicentre of choral music: singing is almost a national sport there, and the Latvian Radio Choir counts as a vocal signboard.
18/01 11:30
On six Sundays during the season 14|15 AMUZ serves a lush brunch at its unique foyer.
18/01 15:00
The Edding Quartet has been performing ever since 2007 classical and romantic quartet repertoire on period instruments.
22/01 21:00
Because of his friendship with Anton Stadler, a famous clarinetttist at the imperial court of Vienna, Mozart gave the clarinet an increasingly important role in his compositions.
23/01 21:00
At the beginning of the 20th century the arts scene in Europe was teeming with lively modernism as never before.