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Bel Ayre

Bel Ayre

Adieu Anvers! Viaggiando a Venezia

Antwerp in the year 1580: metropolis of Europe, at the peak of its economic glory, on the eve of decay. One of the many ships hoists the sails and heads for Venice. On board there are merchants, goods, passengers … and a company of musicians who will cheer up the long voyage with songs, ayres, cancioes, cançoes, canzones and arias from the first Venetian operas.

Inspired by a fictitious travel account the young baroque trio Bel Ayre evokes the experiences of some Flemings who sail to the lagoon of La Serenissima, passing by France, Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, Sardinia, Naples and the Adriatic Sea. Bel Ayre excels in ancient songs which they perform with caring love, know-how and respect for tradition, but also with a very personal and contemporary approach. For so their philosophy goes wether one was born in the 1600s or today, what speaks to our hearts is what matters ultimately

Lieselot De Wilde, soprano | Pieter Theuns, lute & theorbo | Pieter Vandeveire, viol | Lambert Colson, cornett & recorder | Liam Byrne, viol | Sofie Vanden Eynde, lute & theorbo
Werk van Episcopus, Van Turnhout, Rogier, de La Hèle, Willaert, De Rore, Monteverdi e.a.
SUN 22.03.15 | 15.00

cat. 1: € 20 / € 16
cat. 2: € 16 / € 14