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Conferentie Missa Aurea

Conferentie Missa Aurea


To accompany the Missa Aurea Triptych, a symposium exploring the impact of the Annunciation story on the sacred arts of the 15th century will be held. Moderated by Prof. M. Jennifer Bloxam (Williams College, USA) and with the participation of singers from Cappella Pratensis, scholars, performers, and music lovers will consider the dramatic presentation of Luke’s gospel in liturgical drama, painting, and sacred polyphony in order to place the Missae Ecce ancilla domini by Ockeghem, Du Fay, and Regis in their larger cultural and religious context. The conversation is intended to pave the way for broader reflections on the way in which the sacred arts of the past can be most meaningfully presented to audiences today.

In association with
Alamire Foundation
SUN 18.08.19 | 10.00

More information: www.alamirefoundation.org