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European Union Baroque Orchestra & Amandine Beyer

European Union Baroque Orchestra & Amandine Beyer

Dans le goût français

During the baroque era, musical style was often defined by a distinctive regional origin. German, Italian or French music was recognisable as such, yet, composers also loved to look further than their own borders. Many composers wrote according to ‘le gout français’, the french style with its particular melodic turns, rhythms and ornamentations. André Campra’s L’Europe Galante from 1697 is considered as the first ballet-opéra ballet was till the 19th century an important feature of the french style.

Dance genres were also integrated into purely instrumental music, such as Georg Muffat’s Sonatas from the Armonico Tributo. Michel Corrette based his Concerts Comiques on various sources, such as Rameau’s Les Indes Galantes in his 25th concerto. Many composers were true Europeans, and succeeded in a masterly fashion to combine the French, Italian and German styles in their works, such as Muffat and Jean-Marie Leclair. The latter is the founder of the french violin school, yet, he worked in several european countries, where he showed his talents as a performer and composer.

European Union Baroque Orchestra 2018 | Amandine Beyer, director/violin
J.M. Leclair, Suite Scylla et Glaucus | A. Campra, Suite from L’Europe Galante | J.M. Leclair, Violin concerto op 7 n1 op in D minor | G. Muffat, Delirium amoris, from Exquisitioris harmoniae instrumentalis gravi-jucundae | M. Corette, 25eme Concert Comique pour flûte, cordes et basse continue | G. Muffat, Sonata V in G, from Armonico Tributo

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WED 26.09.18 | 21.00
19:15 Introduction by Frederic Delmotte (Dutch spoken)

€ 20 / € 16