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Gothic Voices

Gothic Voices

Maria, Stella Maris

Gothic Voices embarks on a musical exploration of the powerful poetry of mediaeval English masters and present-day responses to the same themes. Maria, Stella Maris pays homage to the various, fascinating guises in which the biblical matriarch appears: the Virgin Mary, caring mother, intercessor, star of the sea and queen of heaven. Both her mythical and human characteristics are transformed into stunning music by mediaeval composers such as John Dunstaple and present-day counterparts including Joanne Metcalf and Andrew Smith.

Catherine King, mezzo soprano | Steven Harrold, Julian Podger, tenor | Stephen Charlesworth, baritone
SUN 19.08.18 | 22.15

Cat. 1: € 24 / € 20
Cat. 2: € 20 / € 16