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Gothic Voices

Gothic Voices

The Du Fay spectacle

Gothic Voices presents a tribute to Guillaume Du Fay, one of the greatest composers of the 15th century. The ensemble reconstructs New Year’s celebrations at the Burgundian court around the year 1470 with refined two and three-part polyphony. These vocal gems, which demand exceptional virtuosity from the singers, are alternated with instrumental adaptations dating from the same period and short improvisations. “A tribute to Du Fay in the form of a generous selection of his works, arranged to create a varied musical banquet,” wrote De Volkskrant with gusto. A concert to make your mouth water!

Catherine King, Clare Wilkinson, mezzo-soprano | Steven Harrold, Julian Podger, tenor | Stephen Charlesworth, baritone | Jane Achtman, vihuela darco & fiddle | Andrew Lawrence-King, organ, regal, bray harp, psaltery | Keith McGowan, dulcian & shawm | Simen van Mechelen, trombone, sackbut
SUN 25.08.19 | 20.00
19.15 Introduction by Frederic Delmotte (Dutch spoken)

Cat. 1: € 32 / € 28
Cat. 2: € 28 / € 24