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Huelgas Ensemble & Aposiopée

Huelgas Ensemble & Aposiopée


Predictably Paul van Nevel deviates from trodden paths with a view to exploring the unknown. He surprises us with a programme of exclusively anonymous masterpieces from choir books in libraries from Brussels, the Vatican, Munich, London and s-Hertogenbosch. The unpublished works he transcribed himself. Around the 8-part Missa miserere mihi domine he built a programme of such religious and profane compositions as Cueurs desolez, O salutaris hostia … The singers of Huelgas Ensemble are augmented with the Paris chil- drens choir Aposiopée. Wonder and revelations are guaranteed in this programme which goes to prove that what is unknown can also become cherished.

Paul Van Nevel, artistic direction | Natacha Bartosek, artistic direction children's choir | Julia Barlen | Juliette Bourgeois | Philomène Drif | Violette Drif | Noa Galimidi | Constance Grandperrin | Ysé Lebuchoux | Clara Meierhans | Chiara Petton | Clara Siegmund | Bénédicte Travert | Mathilde Weil-Rollet | Anna Weiss | Axelle Bernage, superius | Michaela Riener, superius | Sabine Lutzenberger, altus | Achim Schulz, tenor | Stefan Berghammer, tenor | Adriaan De Koster, tenor | Matthew Vine, tenor | Olivier Coiffet, tenor | Tim Scott Whiteley, bassus | Guillaume Olry, bassus | Tiago Mota, bassus
Anoniem: Cueurs desolez-Dies illa | Dulces exuviae | Fors seullement | Missa octum vocum supra Miserere mihi Domine à 8 | O salutaris hostia | Salve regina | Tota pulchra es
FRI 28.08.15 | 20.00
19.15: Introduction by Frederic Delmotte (Dutch spoken)

cat. 1: € 28 / € 24
cat. 2: € 24 / € 20