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Il nostromo del sogno

Il nostromo del sogno

Vanden derden Eduwaert, a politically tinted chronicle in rhyme

At the annual Culture Market in Antwerp, Il nostromo del sogno will astonish you with a recital of fragments from the politically tinted chronicle in rhyme, Vanden derden Eduwaert with an instrumental accompaniment, interspersed with ars nova motets relating to the Hundred Years War in the time of Edward III of England and Philip VI and John II of France. The ensemble will also provide rhyming surtitles in modern Dutch.

Koen Laukens, tenor | Steven Marien, tenor | Katelijne Lanneau, recorders | Ellen Schafraet, Gothic harp | Marie Verstraete, vielle
In association with
Cultuurmarkt Vlaanderen

Free admission