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Jan Michiels & I Solisti

Jan Michiels & I Solisti


It was Igor Stravinsky who set the ball rolling when he first passed the classical concerto off as retro in 1924. A scraping sound just doesnt go with a plucking sound, was his verdict on the golden combination of strings and piano. Whereas hammering and blowing sounds suit each other magnificently. His jazzy concerto is the model for brand new work by the young composers Bram Van Camp and Daan Janssens. Concerto number four is penned by Karel Goeyvaerts, whose mixture of keys and valves provides the suitably adventurous title, Avontuur.

Etienne Siebens, conductor | Jan Michiels, piano
I. Stravinsky: Concerto for Piano and Wind Instruments | K. Goeyvaerts: Avontuur | B. van Camp: Concerto for Piano and Ensemble (world premiere) | D. Janssens: New work for piano and fifteen instruments (world premiere)
THU 16.11.17 | 21.00
20.15 Introduction by Frederic Delmotte (Dutch spoken)

Cat. 1: € 20 / € 16
Cat. 2: € 16 / € 14