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Le Miroir de Musique

Le Miroir de Musique

Machaut et les visages de la mort

For Guillaume de Machaut, the absolute master of the ars nova, the idea of death is a very prominent poetic motif. He is particularly concerned with the lovers death, sometimes presented as salvation (from the tortures of love), and sometimes as overpowering pain (being separated from the beloved). Machaut reuses this theme here in a religious context: the death of Christ on the cross. These references between themes create a fascinating complexity in the music. Le Miroir de Musique introduces you to Machauts unparalleled style.

Anna Miklashevich, soprano | Sabine Lutzenberger, soprano | Gerd Türk, tenor | Tore Tom Denys, tenor | Elizabeth Rumsey, fiddle | Marc Lewon, lute & gittern | Tobie Miller, hurdy-gurdy & recorder | Baptiste Romain, vielle, bagpipe & artistic director
MON 22.08.16 | 13.00

Cat. 1 € 20 / € 16 
Cat. 2 € 16 / € 14
- 19 € 5