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Lieselot De Wilde, Korneel Bernolet & Ensemble Apotheosis

Lieselot De Wilde, Korneel Bernolet & Ensemble Apotheosis

Trois visages d’Hécate

Three cantatas by the French Baroque composer Nicolas Bernier form the basis of this concert. Each tells a short story about the three-faced Greek mythological goddess Hecate in one of her characteristic guises. Diane is about the hunt for Amor, Lenlèvement de Proserpine tells how Pluto kidnaps Proserpina and takes her to the underworld, and in Me´de´e we hear Medeas rage and fury when she finds out about Jasons betrayal. Bernier combined French elegance with Italian drama like no other.

Lieselot De Wilde, sopraan | Annelies Decock, viool | Jan Van den Borre, traverso | Ronan Kernoa, viola da gamba | Simon Linné, teorbe | Korneel Bernolet, klavecimbel & muzikale leiding
N. Bernier: Diane, L'elèvement de Prosperine & Médée
SUN 04.03.18 | 15.00

Cat. 1: € 20 / € 16
Cat. 2: € 16 / € 14