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Micrologus (uitverkocht)

Micrologus (uitverkocht)

Bonfire of the Vanities. Carnival and penitential songs in Florence 1480-1500

Patrizia Bovi whisks you off to 15th century Florence, bringing many different aspects of the music of the age to life. There is music as the source of religious inspiration based on texts by Savonarola, a monk and hellfire preacher of the end of Christianity. He was notorious for his fiery anti-Renaissance sermons, book burnings and the destruction of works of art, known as the bonfire of the vanities. But there is also space on the programme music as entertainment in the Italian palazzi, and music in the spirit of Lorenzo I de’ Medici and his ‘Carnevale’.

Patrizia Bovi, superius, harp, concept | Simone Sorini, altus | Enea Sorini, tenor & percussion | Alessandro Ravasio, bassus | Goffredo Degli Esposti, pipe and tabor, transverse flute, recorder | Gabriele Russo, lira da braccio, rebec | Leah Stuttard, bray harp | Crawford Young, lute | Gabriele Miracle, percussion
FRI 23.08.19 | 20.00
19.15 Introduction by Pieter Mannaerts (Dutch spoken)

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