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Slotconcert Summerschool

Slotconcert Summerschool

SUMMER SCHOOL CLOSING CONCERT: Music a the Burgundian Court

The annual summer school on polyphony will explore the choirbook of the Burgundian court chapel (Br 5557) and Philip the Fair’s choirbook (Br 9126). It will be a masterclass for singers with works by the greatest 15th and 16th century polyphonists, with music by Du Fay, Ockeghem, Regis, Busnoys, Weerbeke, as wel as chansons by Binchois and Hayne. Advanced amateurs and young professional musicians will receive a week of coaching from international experts. The results of an intensive week of singing from the original sources can be heard at this closing concert.

Stratton Bull, Andrew Hallock, Pieter Stas & Valerie Horst
In association with
Cappella Pratensis & Musica, impulscentrum voor muziek
SUN 25.08.19 | 11.00

Free; advance reservation not possible