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Stile Antico (uitverkocht)

Stile Antico (uitverkocht)

Johannes Regis: Missa Ecce ancilla domini

The Missa Aurea or Golden Mass is sung in honour of the Virgin Mary. The mass focuses particularly on Mary’s assent to the Angel Gabriel’s message: he came to tell her that she had been chosen to bear the Son of God. Three different ensembles will proclaim the joyful news on three successive days, with works by Guillaume Du Fay (Cappella Pratensis), Johannes Ockeghem (Cappella Mariana) and Johannes Regis (Stile Antico).

These three leading ensembles will convert their academic research on this mass into three unique concerts. Cappella Pratensis will sing from the original source: the choirbook of the Burgundian court chapel (Brussels, Royal Library of Belgium, ms. 5557). Cappella Mariana, the revelation from Eastern Europe when it comes to Late Mediaeval and Renaissance music, takes the only surviving source of Ockeghems mass as its starting point: the gorgeous Chigi Codex. Last but not least, Stile Antico has been commissioned by Laus Polyphoniae to tackle late 15th century music: Regis’ mass is a masterly tribute to both Du Fay and the Virgin Mary.

The three concerts will be introduced by the musicologist Jennifer Bloxam, who is a professor at Williams College in the US. She is no stranger to AMUZ, having given a highly popular lecture performance with Cappella Pratensis during the 2015 festival. This promises to be an exciting marathon event at which AMUZ once again reveals the value of academic research, turning it into resonant music.

Helen Ashby, Kate Ashby, Rebecca Hickey, soprano | Emma Ashby, Eleanor Harries Clarke, Katie Schofield, alto | Andrew Griffiths, Benedict Hymas, Matt Howard, tenor | James Arthur, Will Dawes, Nathan Harrison, bass
MON 19.08.19 | 20.00
19.00 Introduction by Jennifer Bloxam in AMUZ (English spoken)

Cat. 1: € 32 / € 28
Cat. 2: € 28 / € 24