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Tasto Solo

Tasto Solo

The Marian Liturgy in the Buxheimer Organbuch

Containing more than 250 compositions, most of which are anonymous, the imposing Buxheim manuscript is important evidence of the rich tradition of instrumental music that developed in the courts of southern Germany between 1440 and 1470. Although most of the music is secular, a fifth of the manuscript consists of religious music linked to the Marian devotions. Tasto Solo rediscovers this refined, virtuoso repertoire, which completes its trilogy of German 15th century repertoire.

Barbara Zanichelli, soprano | Albert Riéra, tenor | Reinhild Waldek, harp | Pau Marcos, fiddle | David Mayoral, bells | David Catalunya, organ | Guillermo Pérez, organetto, artistic direction
Werk van J. Dunstaple en anonieme componisten
THU 30.03.17 | 21.00
20.15 Introduction by Frederic Delmotte

Cat. 1: € 20 / € 16
Cat. 2: € 16 / € 14
-19: € 5

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