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VivaBiancaLuna Biffi

VivaBiancaLuna Biffi

Fermato il passo

VivaBiancaLuna Biffi focuses on unhappy love in his programme, in three acts as if it were a mini opera itself. From evening until morning, love is presented as an incomprehensible journey, a
mystery. The Italian singer and vielle player takes a fresh look at the repertoire of frottolas, particularly refined polyphonic chansons typical of the 15th century. Their portrayal of human emotions reveals unexpected similarities with the great solos of later operas.

VivaBiancaLuna Biffi, voice and viola d’arco
Works by P. Scotti, M. Cara, P. de Luprano, F. Varoter, B. Tromboncino and others
In association with
Alamire Foundation – Huis van de Polyfonie, 30CC, Museum Vleeshuis
FRI 26.01.18 | 21.00
20.15 Introduction by Steven Marien (Dutch spoken)

Cat. 1: € 20 / € 16
Cat. 2: € 16 / € 14