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Zefiro Torna, Steve Dugardin & Stefaan Degand

Zefiro Torna, Steve Dugardin & Stefaan Degand

Lassus Grand Cru

The master composer of the Renaissance, Orlandus Lassus, was just as much at ease writing great spiritual works as French chansons, Italian villanelles or German drinking songs. Zefiro Torna whisks us away, plucking at every heart string with reams of poetry, scabrous complaints, funny little dances and texts about beer and wine flowing freely. An exclusive choice of wines can be tasted during the production, carefully selected by a wine adviser and inspired by the regions of Europe where Lassus lived and the typical characteristics of the songs. Countertenor and certified wine expert Steve Dugardin and actor Stefaan Degand amuse the audience with exquisite faits-divers (Dutch spoken).


Stefaan Degand, voice | Cécile Kempenaers, soprano | Steve Dugardin, countertenor & master of ceremonies | Jan Van Elsacker, tenor | Tiemo Wang, bass | An Van Laethem, Renaissance violin | Dimos de Beun, recorder | Philippe Malfeyt, viola da mano & colascione | Jurgen De bruyn, lute, Renaissance guitar & artistic leader

WED 22.08.18 | 22.15
Also on:
WED 22.08.18 | 20.00
19:15 Introduction by Sofie Taes (Dutch spoken)

€ 32 / € 28 (with wines)
€ 24 / € 20 (without wines)