Laus Polyphoniae 2017 | ADORATIO. Saints, Martyrs and Lovers

The 24th edition of Laus Polyphoniae explores the unique world of adoration. Worshipping God, venerating the saints and paying homage  to the Virgin Mary are intrinsic aspects of the Catholic religion.  However adoration can also have a secular meaning, when two lovers worship and adore each other.

In the Middle Ages and Renaissance, adoration was a great source of inspiration for artists. They transformed their worship and veneration  into unforgettable words, images and sounds. This led to prayers to saints and martyrs, poetry expressing one’s intimate feelings for a lover – often an unattainable object of adoration – paintings as signs of devotion to the Virgin Mary, and of course magnificent pieces of music by composers both famous and unknown.

Explore the fascinating aspects of adoration this summer at dozens of concerts. Listen to music from different religious traditions in honour of  God, saints and relics. Compositions in adoration of the Virgin Mary are typical of the Low Countries. Passionate love songs and madrigals will take you to Southern Europe. And, last but certainly not least, discover a symbiosis of religious and secular adoration in the concerts dedicated to the Song of Songs.

As always, we have invited the cream of Belgian and international ensembles to join us. You can expect to hear both young talent and well-established names. More than 70 concerts will be held at the  most beautiful locations in Antwerp’s historic centre, including AMUZ, St. Paul’s Church and the Rubens House. With educational activities for children, amateurs and advanced musicians as well as lectures by specialists, there is something of interest for everyone. But above all this summer, we will pay homage to the most noble of the arts: music.

18-27 August 2017