Lieven Baert

Lieven Baert is a professional choreographer, dance teacher, performer and theatre director. He is specialized in European court dance from 1450 till 1920.

Over his 35-year-long career, he has been dancing, teaching, choreographing and directing productions in Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Sweden, the UK and Netherlands, Japan, Mexico, Russia, and the USA. . He is guest teacher at the Universities of Stockholm and Re Juan Carlos in Madrid and Wroclaw. As a producer at historical festivals, he specializes in reconstructions of repertoire from the medieval to the early modern period. As such, he devises special concepts based on the people and locations in question. Mr. Baert has a successful track record of managing highly diverse casts, making participants of different ability collaborate, and fostering the potential of each to their best ability.

In Belgium he is the director of the Institute for historical dance which developed special programs to introduce “ early dance in relation to music “ to students of the conservatory in Brussels, Gent or Antwerp. As Maître de danse he conducts since 2005 the balls at the Flemish Opera and for the Festival of Flanders.