24 preludes for a fugue

Hearing Arvo Pärt talking about his music, one does not only gain new insights into his compositions, but concurrently also learns a lot about the sensitive method of the composer. In 24 Preludes for a Fugue Pärt’s music and his daily life constantly flow into each other. Dorian Supin followed the man for five years and collected interviews, images of rehearsals, premieres and seminars.

The style of this documentary is entirely grafted onto that of the composer, developing fragmentarily and slowly. Pärt is charismatic and inspiring when he talks about his characteristic triads which “form such a heart-rending unity that the soul would like to sing them eternally.” If you want to experience PÄRTinPRIMETIME adequately, be sure to take in this film portrait in depth. Breakfast is included in the ticket price. Spoken in Estonian with English subtitles.

I.c.w. Cinema Zuid