Académie Baroque Européenne d’Ambronay

Ever since 1993 the baroque academy of Ambronay has been playing a crucial role in launching the careers of young top musicians. As one of the trend-setting projects in Europe it enables young talent to connect with big names from the international concert circuit as well as the academic world. William Christie, Ton Koopman and Rinaldo Alessandrini are just a few of the baroque specialists who have already been conducting the academy. In 2011 it’s the turn of a Flemish celebrity: Sigiswald Kuijken will get steeped in Johan Sebastian Bach’s Mass in B minor with a new selection of daring artists. There is no other Mass in music history that is so large-scale as the well-known Hohe Messe by Bach. Why precisely the work was written still eludes us to a certain extent even today. After all it is out of proportion for use in worship. We are pretty sure, though, that this Mass consists of four parts that Bach composed at different moments in his life; parts that in turn contain arrangements of earlier, partly non-religious compositions. Sigiswald Kuijken will prove to be the perfect guide for this masterpiece full of grandeur!

Sigiswald Kuijken, artistieke leiding artistic direction