Alexander Melnikov & Baroque Orchestra B’Rock

Mozart’s first symphony was written when he was barely eight years old. That early the prodigy already enjoyed international fame as a supertalent on keyboard, though without having yet proved his mettle as a composer. However, that was going to change amazingly fast. At age sixteen the star composer already completed his sixteenth symphony. Baroque Orchestra B’Rock together with the Russian pianist Alexander Melnikov treats you to a sparkling Mozart evening. 

The ninth piano concerto (1777) is generally regarded as Mozart’s first great masterpiece. It was dedicated to Mademoiselle Jeunehomme, who has been only recently identified as Victoire Jenamy. She was the daughter of a dancer from Mozart’s circle of friends. The scintillating atmosphere that Mozart’s music exudes is the perfect match for the fresh and dynamic soul of B’Rock. And the soloist, too, will keep you in rapt attention, for over the past years Melnikov surprised connoisseurs with one outstanding CD after the other, and live at the keyboard he is said to be even more convincing to boot!

Alexander Melnikov, fortepiano 

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Symfonie nr. 1 in Es | Joseph Haydn: Symfonie nr. 39 in g | Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Symfonie nr. 16 in C – Pianoconcerto nr. 9