Alfred Fernández

Francesco Spinacino is one of the great lutenists of the Renaissance, but about his life we know precious little. The only fact we know for sure, is that he was born in Fossombrone, an Italian village nearby the Adriatic sea, and that his music was published in Venice in 1507. Alfred Fernández confronts Spinacino with another master of the Renaissance: Josquin des Prez.

Alfred Fernández is a lutenist from Barcelona who is largely self-taught, yet took advantage of advice by eminent musicians such as Rolf Lislevand, Paul O’dette and John Griffiths. Last year he already contributed to Laus Polyphoniae with El Canto del Caballero. In this edition he is welcome to profile himself as a soloist with the music of Spinacino, who fascinates him in a special way: “In Spinacino’s music a strange kind of beauty buds. It meanders like an improvisation along complex and mysterious paths. It is pure musical rhetoric without end.”

Alfred Fernández, lute

Work by Francesco Spinacino en Josquin des Prez