What kind of music could Rubens hear through the windows of his artist’s studio? What did he hear while taking walks downtown? And what kind of repertoire could have resounded at concerts or official occasions that Rubens attended? Peter Van Heyghen, Jurgen De bruyn and Thomas Baeté, as repositories of the best AMUZ tradition, gleefully take advantage of this opportunity to look into these questions and to answer them by offering a genuine ‘Rubensian’ concert programme. Assisted by a vocal-instrumental consortium assembled especially for this concert, they select from the enormous thesaurus of polyphonic music from Rubens’ epoch some sacred and profane works for diverse strengths. 
This concert starts at 7 p.m. with an introduction on the theme Rubens and Antwerp (Dutch spoken). You will also receive an entry ticket that admits to the prestigious exhibition Palazzo Rubens: the Master as Architect (untill 11 December 2011).
Peter Van Heyghen, recorders | Jurgen De bruyn, lute | Kris Verhelst, harpsichord & organ