Andreas Staier

Andreas Staier is a very smart musician with a sense of patience that makes him take his time for the masterpieces demanding just that. It took him some twenty-five years before he performed Bach’s masterly Goldberg variations in public, and it was only at the end of 2009 that his CD recording op this work was released. For Staier there is no doubt that this work is most adequately performed on harpsichord: “Bach takes optimally advantage of the sound possibilities of both keyboards. That is exclusively typical of the harpsichord, and it is totally impossible to convey this on a piano”. The mutual mastery of composer and performer find their match in the choice of sound colours and timbres with a view to making this series of variations shine in its diversity and compositional richness without, however, neglecting the coherent, cyclical structure.

in collaboration with Concertgebouw Brugge

Andreas Staier, harpsichord

Johann Sebastian Bach: Goldbergvariaties, BWV 988