Andreas Staier

The new artist in residence at AMUZ is one of the most prominent harpsichordists of his generation. During his third and last AMUZ concert of this season the born performer treats his audience to keyboard suites of French and German baroque masters such as Couperin, d’Anglebert, Clérambault and Muffat.

The title of the recital is borrowed from a work of the 17th-century German composer Johann Jakob Froberger. In Plainte faite à Londres pour passer la mélancolie Froberger describes his disastrous voyage to London during which he was robbed. This highly personal and descriptive music belongs to the first examples of so-called programme music, in which a story unfolds. As we know him, Staier will tell this story in a compelling way!

Andreas Staier, harpsichord

As artist in residence, Andreas Staier brings 3 concerts in AMUZ this season:
– 19/10/12 | Bach & France
– 01/02/13 with Georg Nigl | lieder by Schumann & Schubert