Annelies Van Gramberen & Elise Simoens

AMUZ invites young people from the age of eight to a recital cut to size featuring famous Mozart songs and arias. Through fragments from images and letters we are introduced to seven women who played a special role in the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. We meet the mother, the sister and the niece of the Austrian prodigy, but also his first love Aloyisia (Louise) and eventually his wife Constance. Furthermore we get to know the celebrated soprano Nancy Storace, a friend of the famous composer, and Magdalena Hofdemel, one of Mozart’s pupils who was in love with him.
Well-known actresses such as Els Dottermans, Joke Devynck and Maaike Neuville put themselves into the shoes of these women and reply to a personal letter from Mozart on video, or comment on a situation from his life. Mozart himself will be impersonated by Michaël Pas. This witty and original show departs from history, but also gives free rein to fantasy! (Dramatic texts in Dutch).


Live: Annelies Van Gramberen, soprano | Elise Simoens, forte piano
Video: Michaël Pas, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart | Els Dottermans, mother | Sara De Bosschere, sister | Maaike Neuville, cousin | Anne Cambier, first love | Nele Goossens, wife | An De Ridder, Nancy Storace, friend | Joke Devynck, piano student | Stijn Coninx, dramaturgy | Jan Boon, video | Liesbeth Vereertbrugghen, concept & research