Anwar Abudragh, Naseer Shama & Maqamat Ensemble

In the framework of the Moussem Festival AMUZ invites two Iraqi musicians for a concert with the maqamat as point of departure. Maqams are melodic modes that are used in traditional Arabic music. Both compositions and improvisations are based on maqam systems in traditional Arabic music. Maqams are used in the vocal as well as in the instrumental repertoire and do not feature rhythmical components. Since 2003 the maqam has been included in the list of immaterial world heritage of the UNESCO. Anwar Abudragh and Naseer Shama present at AMUZ a selection of their own compositions based on the maqam tradition of their country. That their well-founded cross-overs between old and new, between east and west have an inspiring impact transpires from their growing number of fans. AMUZ and Moussem take pride in presenting these passionate musicians to the Antwerp public. 

Also in Brussels

Anwar Abudragh, voice | Naseer Shama, oud