Bart Naessens & il Gardellino

Händel was acclaimed as an outstanding organist at an early age already. Throughout his career his virtuosity exerted a tremendous pull on the public. That Händel enjoyed improvising a lot is proven by his organ concertos, which leave artistic freedom of movement to the performer while concurrently offering an abundance of marvellous melodies. Top-notch orchestra il Gardellino combines these works with other instrumental pearls of the great

In contrast to Bach, who was born in the same year, Händel did not descend from a musical family. However, his extraordinary musical talent was irrepressible, and despite his father’s plans for a different future, Händel very soon applied himself completely to music. The baroque ensemble il Gardellino, already more than twenty years appreciated as a standard in the world of early music, will make his mastery shine!

Bart Naessens, claviorganum | Jan De Winne, transverse flute & artistic direction | Marcel Ponseele, oboe & artistic direction

G.F. Händel: Orgelconcerti, HWV 292, 293, 295 & 306 | Triosonate in b, HWV 386b | Concerto grosso, opus 3 nr. 6, HWV 317

I.c.w. Concertgebouw Brugge