Barthold Kuijken & Il Fondamento

The second son of the Thomas cantor was born under a lucky star, but anno 2014 he has to cope with his father’s heavy musical inheritance. Not so in the 18th century, when he was the most important and most appreciated composer of Germany, at least as highly esteemed as his father. He started his career at the court of Frederick the Great: the king with a passion for music who was pretty competent as a flautist himself. Small wonder that Bach during that period rearranged quite a few concertos as showpieces for the flute!
The master of the ‘sensitive style’ too demonstrates in these compositions his lyrical and expressive qualities, enabling the flautist to reveal the best of his talent. Bach’s breathtaking runs, dramatic statements, rhythmical lacework and emotional modulation are in safe hands with Barthold Kuijken – the world-famous traverso specialist, who joins forces with Il Fondamento to follow in the footsteps of CPE Bach and his illustrious patron.

Il Fondamento | Barthold Kuijken, traverso | Paul Dombrecht, artistic direction

GP Telemann, Suite in D TWV 55-D21 | C.Ph.E.Bach, Concerto voor Flute in re groot Wq 13 | CPE Bach, Sinfonia in Sol groot Wq 180, H655 | GP Telemann, Suite TWV 55 F3 in F major