BL!NDMAN [sax], BL!NDMAN [vox], BL!NDMAN [strings] & BL!NDMAN [drums]

Adrian Willaert filled churches and cathedrals with his brilliant polyphony in the 16th century. The San Marco basilica in Venice was his pre-eminent lab with a view to experimenting with double choirs and with diverse spatial positions of musicians. At AMUZ the four BL!NDMAN quartets offer a contemporary response to Willaert’s fabulous renaissance art. From the most remote corners of the concert hall contemporary echoes resound of singers, strings, players of wind instruments and turntables. The BL!NDMAN collective is unsurpassed in its know-how about wrapping early music in a contemporary adaptation. Headstrong as these musicians are, they opt resolutely for hitherto unheard cross-fertilization and for confrontations between old and new. BL!NDMAN pioneered Bach and Buxtehude on sax already a long time ago. Now in turn the 450th anniversary of Adrian Willaert’s death will be commemorated in 2012 with maximum strength!

Eric Sleichim, arrangements & artistic direction