Brody Neuenschwander & Zefiro Torna

Zefiro Torna’s latest production of music theatre Shadows is inspired by the liturgical tradition of the tenebrae for Holy Week. This ritual happens before sunrise in a chapel illuminated only by thirteen candles. As the break of day approaches, the candles are extinguished one by one. They are the symbols of the apostles who deserted Christ immediately before his death. At dawn the morning light takes over again, reminding us of the resurrection of Christ and the coming of spring. Shadows embarks on a quest for the interior, emotional aspect of the play of shadows. Music by Jeroen D’hoe (laureate of the Queen Elisabeth Competition for composition in 2003) and a live performance of calligrapher Brody Neuenschwander (noted for his collaboration with film director Peter Greenaway) combine into a lyrical meditation about transience. An intriguing performance about light, darkness and all shades in between.

Brody Neuenschwander, live calligraphy | Griet De Geyter, soprano & percussion | Els Van Laethem, soprano, percussion & tromba marina | Benjamin Glorieux, cello | Jurgen De bruyn, lute, theorbo, voice & artistic direction | Jeroen D’hoe, composition & libretto | Tom Hannes, mis-en-scène (commissioned by Festival van Vlaanderen Mechelen)