Brunch met Joško Ćaleta

Joško Ćaleta is a Croatian ethnomusicologist. With his ensemble Kantaduri he shares with us Glagolitic hymns on Laus Polyphoniae’s last day. This music belongs to an age-old tradition from Dalmatia. While you enjoy an abundant brunch Sofie Taes (AMUZ, University of Leuven, Alamire Foundation) talks with Ćaleta about his work as a musician and a researcher. 

The Glagolitic repertory was able to survive due to a privilege granted to the Slavonic peoples around the Adriatic Sea. They were allowed to use in addition to Latin their local vernacular within Roman liturgy, as a matter of subsidiarity. Although the term Glagolitic refers in the first place to an antique Slavonic kind of script, the Glagolitic tradition of singing has been transmitted mainly orally during the past millennium. During this brunch you will be fully informed about this quaint part of music history..