Brunch met Katarina Livljanić & Roberto Festa

For the first time in the history of the festival Laus Polyphoniae boasts not one, but two artists in residence: the Italian recorder virtuoso Roberto Festa (ensemble Daedalus) and the Croatian singer/musicologist Katarina Livljanić (ensemble Dialogos). Stef Grondelaers (De Standaard) interviews these musicians while you enjoy a lush brunch in the old foyer of AMUZ. 

With Festa and Livljanić as festival guides both the West coast and the East coast of the Adriatic Sea have a mouthpiece. Daedalus and Dialogos take care of two concerts each in the framework of Laus Polyphoniae 2012. During this brunch conversation you will discover more about the research that was the enabling condition for these performances, about the way covered from discovery to execution, and about the specific challenges of their festival programmes. Furthermore you will hear two outstanding musicians talking about the musical traditions of their home country.