Café Saudade

“In the twenty years that I listen to fado, I have never heard one single gratuitous, not one dishonest moment. Fado singers do not act out another personality when they sing. With dignity they express the omnipresent tears of Lisbon, a solitude that they manage to alleviate somewhat with their agile sounds.” Paul Van Nevel has been enthralled by Portugal and its authentic culture for quite some time already. Together with hostess Fien Sabbe he engages in conversations with guests such as Tessa de Loo, who lost their hart to Portugal as well. Steeped in the melancholy atmosphere of the ‘saudade’ we embark on a quest for the soul of Portugal, drinking in the poetry. Fado troubadour António Rocha proves a perfect soundtrack. (Dutch spoken)

i.c.w. Behoud de Begeerte