Cantar Lontano

Rebelo’s vespers and lamentations have already been scheduled before in this edition of Laus Polyphoniae, by the Huelgas Ensemble. This time it’s the turn of Cantar Lontano to interpret the instrumental and vocal oeuvre of the Portuguese composer. From Rebelo’s religious repertoire they have chosen lamentations and antiphons – verses sung as an introduction and a conclusion to a psalm. Thus they bring a reconstruction of the complines on Sunday, alternating polyphony and Gregorian plainsong. Cantar Lontano borrow their name from the 17th-century practice of ‘chanter loin’ (singing faraway), spatializing and musical exploration of space being crucial. That’s why St James church has been chosen as the perfect venue, based on the try-out of its acoustics by Cantar Lontano at Laus Polyphoniae 2009. They were then one of the festival’s revelations!

Marco Mencoboni, artistic direction