Capilla Flamenca & François Lazarevitch

Why did Petrus Alamire draw bagpipes on the Missa Benedicta by Adriaen Willaert? Were the bagpipes used during religious services? Evidence is only rather circumstantial, reason enough for Capilla Flamenca to start an investigation. Together with bagpipe player François Lazarevitch we make a stop in Venice, where Willaert was allowed to prove his mettle from 1527 on in the San Marco Basilica.

François Lazarevitch is a versatile musician who began his career as a player of the transverse flute, but he is also an informed player of quite a few other period and traditional instruments, such as the accordeon, the harpsichord, and the Irish flute. This collaboration with Dirk Snellings is a new step in his trajectory of wide-ranging projects for the bagpipes. Capilla Flamenca concentrate this year especially on Willaert, who died exactly 450 years ago. Surely you have not yet heard his music played by the bagpipes!

Rob Cuppens, counter tenor | Tore Denys, tenor | Lieven Termont, baritone | Matthew Gouldstone, bass | François Lazarevitch, bagpipes