Capilla Flamenca, More Maiorum & Mezzaluna

Sluis, 7 January 1430. Philip the Good is about to be married for the third time. His bride-tobe is 32-year-old Isabella of Portugal, whose Joyous Entry is celebrated with a week brimming with jousts and banquets. On the occasion of this prestigious wedding the Order of the Golden Fleece is founded, an exclusive society of knights that is devoted to the grandeur of festivities and banquets. In the 15th century the Burgundian empire was one of the most densely populated and thriving regions of Western Europe. The abundance at the court of Philip and the Portuguese Isabella therefore reached hallucinatory proportions, witness for example a royally equipped music band, the most modern of its era. Capilla Flamenca, More Maiorum and Mezzaluna join forces with a view to evoking the extravagant festivities of this epoch and to shape all this musical variety into a stylish festival opener of Laus Polyphoniae 2011! Couturier Tim Van Steenbergen will take care of a contemporary production design.

Tim Van Steenbergen, production design | Dirk Snellings & Peter Van Heyghen, artistic direction