Cappella Mediterranea & Ensemble Clematis

Mateo Romero, aka Matthieu Rosmarin, was a composer of Flemish extraction who already as a youngster found himself at the Spanish court. His extraordinary musical qualities earned him the nickname Maestro Capitán and resulted in distribution of his work as far as Italy and even the New World. King João IV of Portugal was a fan, too: he appointed Romero at his court and collected a vast amount of his works in the royal library in Lisbon. Entirely unfairly the composer passed into oblivion after his death, but today music aficionados cherish him again. Small wonder, for Romero’s music has a distinctly modern feel. His strong, varied rhythms are close to flamenco or Argentine zamba, his melodies sound at times like if they were written for a contemporary audience. Cappella Mediterranea & Ensemble Clematis surprised with one of the revelations of 2010 with their CD recording of Romero’s profane music. Their performance is sensitive, lively and fiery, thus fitting hand in glove with this thoroughly Iberian repertoire.

Mariana Flores, soprano | Capucine Keller, soprano | Fabían Schofrin, counter tenor | Fernando Guimarães, tenor | Stéphanie de Failly, viool | Rodrigo Calveyra, cornett & recorder | François Joubert-Caillet, viol | Jérôme Lejeune, viol | Guito Gato, vihuela | Marie Bournisien, harp | Thierry Gomar, percussion | Léonardo García Alarcón, organ & artistic direction