Céline Scheen & Ricercar Consort

No one can match Céline Scheen in capturing the essence of French baroque: rich imagery, sensitive poetry on treacherously simple melodies. One could easily be tricked into forgetting how complex the puzzle is for which composers such as Besard, Hotman, Gaultier and Dubuisson found such an elegant solution afterwards. You will hear a selection of airs de cour, marvellous tunes from the early baroque period.

Eduardo Egüez and Philippe Pierlot accompany the young Belgian soprano on stage. The result is a tender ode to stillness. This programme was aptly entitled Amarante, which means ‘little singing finch’. An unexpected presence on the list of French composers on the programme is that of Constantijn Huygens. He too was inspired by the French poetry that he knew very well due to his international contacts.

I.c.w. Organisatie Oude Muziek

Céline Scheen, soprano | Eduardo Egüez, lute & theorbo | Philippe Pierlot, viol & artistic direction

Work by Jean-Baptiste Besard, Nicolas Hotman, Constantijn Huygens e.a.