With twelve super voices and lots of stage presence, Chanticleer has already earned acclaim  all over the world. This season they are for the first time in AMUZ to serve a musical menu, the way they like it best: meandering between seriousness and frivolity, from melancholy musing to pertinent statement en from exuberant voice play to intimate stillness and pure beauty.
Under the title She said/He said the struggle between the sexes is musically thrashed out. Joining Chanticleer in the ring: Hildegard von Bingen, Emily Dickinson and Stacy Garrop vs. Andrea Gabrieli, Johannes Brahms and Francis Poulenc. The tactics of these old stagers is as simple as it is brilliant, based first and foremost on artistic top quality: prima la musica e poi il gioco!

In cooperation with Concertgebouw Brugge

Chanticleer | Jace Wittig, artistic direction

Work of H. von Bingen, J. Brahms a.o.