Christian Poltéra & Ronald Brautigam

In Beethoven’s days Haydn had just pioneered the transition of the cello from an accompanying basso continuo instrument to a versatile medium that could also bring lyrical melodies and counterpoints. Subsequently, Ludwig van Beethoven was one of the first great composers who started writing music for the cello as a solo instrument. You will hear Beethoven’s first three cello sonatas, the last of which subtly paves the way for the romantic movement.

The Dutchman Ronald Brautigam is one of the biggest names in the world of the keyboard and an authority in the field of Beethoven. Music critics have showered superlatives on him. The Swiss cellist Christian Poltéra managed to profile himself internationally as a rising star during the past decade, playing with many celebrities. Together on the AMUZ stage these two top soloists will indubitably offer magic!

Christian Poltéra, cello | Ronald Brautigam, forte piano

BEETHOVEN: Cello Sonata no 1 in F major op 5 no 1 (ca 22 min) | Cello Sonata no 2 in g minor op 5 no 2  (ca 23 min) | Cello Sonata no 3 in A major op 69 (ca 26 min)