Christianne Stotijn & Joseph Breinl

Especially for her recording of Tchaikovsky’s Romances Christianne Stotijn acquired the Russian language, with the commitment and sense of perfectionism that are so typical of her. A trajectory that turned out to be productive: Stotijn unveils the Russian symphonic titan and opera moghul as a genius of the small gesture who deserves to be revered next to past master Mussorgsky and patriarch Glinka.
In her selection from more than a hundred songs Stotijn traverses the whole career of Tchaikovsky. Thus a lyricist reveals himself, who has the courage to sound the depths of the soul with a view to using the passions, desires, tenderness and vulnerability slumbering there as point of departure for his creations. Mussorgsky, too, does not shy away from emotional portraits, although his oeuvre catalogue also includes comic, realistic and folkish songs. Before him Russian folk music had already inspired Michael Glinka to an impressive body of songs. We can rely on the performers to express this ultraromantic repertoire with conviction and courage!

Christianne Stotijn, mezzo soprano | Joseph Breinl, piano

Songs from P.I. Tsjaikovski, M. Glinka, M. Moesorgski