Claire Chevallier & Spectra Ensemble

Ravel’s famous piano volume Miroirs, his highly personal reflection about several aspects of reality, results also as a mirrored version in the same game of semblance and resemblance. With Claire Chevallier as an ideal sounding board and one of the splendid Erards from her collection as a protagonist, Spectra Ensemble keenly samples from the oeuvre of five of the most eminent contemporary composers with a view to showing Ravel’s early modern piano
universe in mirror image.
In works by Saariaho, Satoh, Murail, Sciarrino and Fafchamps, Ravel’s musical musings are confronted with a mirror. In a comprehensive performance steeped in atmosphere the rhythmical trouvailles of Ravel’s Noctuelles, the strange bird cries of Oiseaux tristes, the exceedingly difficult Une barque sur l’océan, the exotic Alborada del gracioso and the surprising La vallée des cloches constitute the point of departure for an exploration that works in two directions: from Ravel’s reality to its solidified musical impressions, and from a world that is closer to ours to that special artistic universe.

Claire Chevallier, piano | Filip Rathé, artistic direction | Stef Stessels, set design

M. Ravel: Miroirs | K. Saariaho: Sept Papillons | S. Satoh: The Birds in Warped Time II | T. Murail: La Barque Mystique | S. Sciarrino: Ai limite della notte | J.-L. Fafchamps: Lettre Soufie – Sh(în)