ClubMediéval & Peter Holvoet-Hanssen

During the Middle Ages the Italian cities groaned under the continuous, internal struggle between two politico-societal factions: the Guelphs (among them Dante Alighieri!) who supported the pope, and the Ghibellines who were loyal to the German emperor. This turbulent fratricide will be musically shaped by the young ensemble of Thomas Baeté, a Flemish musician of the highest calibre. Robert I of Naples, leader of the Guelphs, becomes the central figure: as supporter of pope Benedict XII and as Maecenas of numerous musicians from the latter’s entourage in Avignon, Robert I can be connected to the famous music codices of Apt and Ivrea, in which a motet by Philippe de Vitry dedicated to him has been found. Then the Ghibellines also appear on stage with compositions from the Holy Roman Empire. The result becomes an artistic joust, a quest for musical antitheses or hidden harmonies, brimming with top works from the Ars Nova. After last year’s success AMUZ and the Peace Centre Antwerp present a new edition of the Peace Concert. City poet Peter Holvoet-Hanssen moves like a troubadour between the two fighting factions.
Peter Holvoet-Hanssen, text | Thomas Baeté, artistic direction