Compagnie Bischoff

The Slow Lisztening weekend opens with a moving Liszt production by Cie. Bisschoff, already a favourite of the AMUZ audience with HMS Oriana before. In Via Crucis you will hear a composer who is the opposite of the lionized piano virtuoso that Liszt was once. In the last phase of his life it looked like Franz Liszt had radically gotten rid of all excess baggage that he had accumulated and dragged along as a traveling Bohemian. This seemed to him the only way to penetrate into the core of his spritual and musical essence. Via Crucis represents fourteen moments from the Stations of the Cross of Jesus, from his conviction till the dead Messiah’s entombment. The music is removed for miles and miles not only from the dashing pieces with which Liszt had enthralled the high society of all Europe, but also from the traditional church music of his days, which was mostly romantic and sometimes frivolous. Insistent, grating choral parts are accompanied by visionary, hushed piano sounds. The singers of Compagnie Bischoff turn Liszt’s Via Crucis into a modern liturgy by assembling the Stations of the Cross with pictures by Magnum photographer Carl de Keyzer, who offers a contemporary interpretation of the Passion.

NN, piano | Carl de Keyzer, photography | Jan Van den Bossche, stage direction | Mathieu Heinrichs, dramaturgy | Romain Bisschoff, artistic director

Franz Liszt: Via crucis, Il Pensieroso uit Années de Pèlerinage | Kasia Glowicka: La Notte