Concerto Palatino

In what kind of world did Monteverdi live as a youngster? Who were his musical models, colleagues and competitors? Which ideas were imparted to him as the enabling condition to grow from a young pharmacist’s son into the great Claudio Monteverdi whom we know from the Vespers and Orfeo? Concerto Palatino will sort this out for you. A festive festival opener with international, vocal and instrumental top soloists!

This tailor-made programme includes music by Marc’Antonio Ingegneri, Monteverdi’s teacher in Cremona, and by Benedetto Pallavicino, one of his conductors at the court of Mantua. Other composers passing in review are Adrian Willaert, the Gabrieli brothers, and evidently young Claudio himself! The singers and the wind instrument players of Concerto Palatino will get their act together for a splendid homage to Monteverdi’s young genius and its breeding ground: grandeur assured!