Concertos para Bebés

Eight musicians assemble on a playing area at the center of the hall. Around them are cushions on which babies and toddlers await the concert anxiously. The music starts: sounds from 16th- and 17th-century Portugal reach the impressionable little ears, and a new world opens up. A first adventurous tot ventures among the musicians. Other toddlers follow or clap their hands! Perhaps one or the other will cry, classical music may not be up everybody’s alley after all, or is it nevertheless? While a little danseuse inspires the accordionist to a personal serenade, the saxophone player starts interactive playing with his infant spectators too. The Portuguese hit Concertos para Bebés has already been touring all over Europe and will pay a call on Antwerp for the first time this summer. Be sure to book your reservations early!

Isabel Catarino, soprano | Inesa Markava, soprano | Cristiana Francisco, alto  | Alberto Roque, baritone sax | José Lopes, alto sax | Nuno Gonçalves, clarinet | Pedro Santos, accordion | Paulo Lameiro, baritone & artistic direction