Contrapunctus is a vocal ensemble residing at the University of Oxford. They are famously known for their pioneering musicological research and their soul-stirring interpretations. This productive combination mostly results in felicitous concert programmes which immediately manage to capture the audience. During this concert Contrapunctus will bring some masterpieces from the 16th and 17th century, music written for royal occasions by composers such as Felipe de Magalhães, João Lourenço Rebelo, Fernando de Almeida en Aires Fernandez. The Portuguese repertoire has been the natural habitat for Contrapunctus ever since the foundation of its predecessor, the vocal ensemble A Capella Portuguesa. Conductor Owen Rees is an authority in the field of Portuguese music history. Together they are the perfect guide to accompany you on a voyage to the royal Portuguese chapel and the chapel of the dukes of Bragança.

Owen Rees, artistic direction